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For Sun Damaged Skin.


• Youthful radiance begins to return within minutes

• Obvious lines around eyes, mouth, cheeks and jawline appear to diminish within weeks

• Evenness of skin tone starts to improve within days

• Blackheads and clogged pores begin to clear within days

C & E Age Defense Serum

SKU: 632835642834572
  • A blend of three unique, time-released, targeted delivery systems slowly diffuse three stabilized forms of Vitamin C and three forms of Vitamin E throughout the skin, creating a reservoir of vitamins at all levels that helps visually repair years of sun damage within weeks.  Result driven and clinically tested performance ingredients at their clinical percentages. Time released Vitamin C remains stable and doesn’t oxidize. The glass bottle is opaque which protects formula, and the glass bottle pump has a lock, meaning it will not be exposed to oxygen after each use, reducing the chance of oxidation and keeps the formula potent.

    A gentle, no-sting formula that is tested and proven safe for sensitive skin. When stored in a cool, darkened area, the stability of this formula is guaranteed for a minimum of one year. Does not contain synthetic fragrance, colorants or parabens.

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